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Transformation is happening all around us. Matter ages, weathers and becomes another. Solid becomes liquid which since evaporates and leaves behind the remains of what once was. Everywhere you look you can see the remains of the free flow that surrounds us. With change comes uncertainty. The title of the exhibition, Matter in Motion, addresses the process of the paintings that write their own story. The narration is irrational and the artist looks to project an experience of an nonlinear time. 

The watercolor works in the exhibition are the end solution of a process that Anna Rún set in motion and then seized control over it by giving the materials free range.  She uses art as a frame to allow processes that happen in nature to happen within a space under a certain circumstance. By surrendering her control an organic flow between the materials and colors is made. The outcome resembles something that you would find within a body or in a petri-dish in a laboratory...

A chemical reaction occurs when the materials react to one another with an unpredictable outcome.

Aldís Snorradóttir


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