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hringvellIR / THINGVELLIR TURNING (2018)

Thingvellir National Park, Gerdarsafn Art Museum Iceland
Cycle Music and Art Festival, Inclusively Exclusive

‘Thingvellir Turning’ is a direct continuation of the work ‘Turning Points’ exhibited at Cycle Music and Art Festival’s last event in Berlin, Cryptopian States. The new work is mounted in Þingvellir National Park, near the old Valhalla. A historic hotel that burned to the ground.

The work involves displacement of nature, where mechanics are places underground and a circular cut of nature is slowly rotated. No traces are visible in the landscape, the rotating part lies in the same height as before, the only change is that it turns one round in ten minutes. The speed is not really visible and the human eye needs to focus to notice the movement.

In the wilderness of Þingvellir the work gains a new context. The area became a national park in the year 1930. Around the same time the industrial revolution occurred and natural areas had started to gain the status of reserved national parks.

The need to protect natural resources grew alongside humans’ access to wild nature reduced with the increased density of inhabited land. The historical and geological position of Þingvellir gives the work ‘Þingvellir Turning’ context which is extensive and touches the identity and history of the Icelandic nation. It puts the history into context of the geological time as the tectonic plates cut straight through the area and reference the spectrum of time that reaches way further than the history of humans. All the way to the basis of the rotation of the globe around itself.


Text from the curatorial team of Cycle Music & Art Festival 

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